A Rest Stop, Not a Mile Marker (2010 Blackhawks)


(This was written right after we won the Stanley Cup Championship.  So its a classic.)

    We won, its official. Besides UNC College championships which I could only celebrate with myself, this is my first time at winning it all. Not only did we win, we carved a moment in time forever. This team will be legendary to everyone who witnessed. For at least tonite, politics, financial issues, racism, depression, or anything negative has been put to rest. Our city and all its inhabitants now have the right to cheer and honk their horns and smile at nothing.

    And maybe to some, sports dont make sense.

    Why arbitrarily root for a group of hockey players’ success?

     I would tell you this reason. Just like the people you work with, the people you hang out with, the people you see almost everyday become fixtures in your life, so do sports teams. They become a shared fixture in your life, and just as other fixtures, you wish them well. And when a team like this comes along, its easy to want the absolute best for them.

   Its for memories, bragging rights, exhilirating moments and a chance to be a kid again. Its shelter from life’s storm, and a reminder that even in an increasingly impersonal world, the best things in life are meant to be shared with everyone.

    Do you remember where you were,  who you were with, where you were in life?

I do. And I always will. Take a moment, folks. Take it all in.


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